Georgia Stands United Against Online Gambling

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Although they do not agree on all things, at least the four gubernatorial candidates in the US State of Georgia are deciding that they cannot support online gambling. Their voices were heard loud and clear during a forum on Saturday that brought together various contestants especially those seeking to be elected governor of Georgia.

The four candidates out rightly spoke on Saturday that any bill that will be brought to them seeking the expansion of even the introduction of any form of online gambling in Georgia would be thrown away very fast.

See Why The State Of Georgia Stands United Against Online Gambling

They all agreed in one voice showing that if elected, they will shut down any effort that might be brought by either a private investor or any other gaming agency that might be interested in introducing whatever form of gambling in this Beach State.

The four candidates whose voices were heard are Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Casey Cagle, the Lt. Gov., State Senator Michael Williams, and former State Senator Hunter Hill.
All in one accord asserted that it is dangerous to introduce what people are not used to vetoing thus any such a bill that might b brought before them.

Gambling supporters, on the other hand, insist that allowing the form of gambling that is legal in neighboring states is not only a good thing but also a way of stabilizing the economy of Georgia. On this, Hill vehemently disagreed saying that the state is doping perfectly well without such things.

“We are doing super-well without gambling,” Hill said.
Echoing Hill’s words, Cagle said that many excellent alternative means could be used to boost the economy rather than resorting to what he argued that a majority of his supporters believe wrong.

Cagle said many of his people do not support the idea of legalizing gambling of any kind citing many things among them moral reasons. It should be remembered that the governorship candidates are not the first ones to oppose the introduction and legalization of gambling activities in Georgia.

In August, just less two months ago, GOP, an organization that firmly stands against gambling activities in Georgia approved a resolution that would see the strong opposing of any operations by casinos and horse racing activities.
Georgia Stands United Against Online Gambling
In showing how discontent they were with what the state is trying to do, the August GOP meeting single-handedly blamed such acts by saying that it is wrong.

In part, the resolution read, “It was wrong for the state to have vested too much interest in engaging itself in predatory activities that include gambling with the sole aim of filling state coffers at the very expense of ruining the lives of a majority of her generation thus breaking families.”

Although there is much anti-gambling voice going round, there is something better for those that love Daily Fantasy Sports, which seem to be given a lenient approach because of Trey Kelley, the Republican state Rep argues that they should be reclassified such that it doesn’t appear as if DFS are violating anti-gambling restrictions.

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Georgia Stands United Against Online Gambling
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Georgia Stands United Against Online Gambling
See Why The State Of Georgia Stands United Against Online Gambling. Find Out If Georgia Will Be The Next State To Legalize Online Gambling.
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