Mardi Gras Casino Points Fingers At Gulfstream Casino?

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As residents of Florida continue to recover from the loss of property that was cause by the recent Hurricane Irma, things are not good to one local gaming facility that is accusing the rival competitor for taking advantage. During the devastating times of the Hurricane Irma, Mardi Gras Casino lost its roof.

Why Mardi Casino Points Fingers At Gulfstream Casino?

However, the casino has moved quickly to try repair the mess because they need their customers back. It is during this trying moment, which needs a friend to help a friend and even rivals to come together to offer a hand of help that Mardi Gras Casino is not happy about. In fact, the facility’s management has raised concerns over the way Gulfstream Casino has taken advantage over the situation and is currently pilfering players. That is at least according to Mardi Gras.

Granted, not many gaming facilities in Florida were affected by the mini-tornado. In fact, most of the facilities survived the hurricane except for Mardi Gras Casino in Hollywood whose top roof was completely shuttered by the hurricane causing floods in the facility’s first floor. Following the hurricane, Mardi Gras Casino was forced to shut indefinitely at least to allow a major clean up and subsequent repairs.

It is during these trying moments to the casino that its rival Gulfstream, which is only about a mile away that the managers say, has not bothered to help Mardi but to take away their loyal clients. In fact, Mardi managers claim that are ‘helping’ clients by bending over backwards in order to serve Mardi customers. It should be remembered that the two gaming facilities have fought for long over who should take the sixth position out of eight on the best casino to offer pari-mutuel games.

It is therefore not clears whether Gulfstream is taking advantage over the roof-top situation to ’take away’ Mardi’s clients or it is the only thing a casino located nearby could do. Gulfstream management says that they are not even aware if they have taken anyone’s clients. The management however agrees that they have had a slight increase in recent days.

Mardi Gras Casino
Miami Herald, a local paper reported that following the hurricane hit, Gulfstream has been advertising through the media and banners that it will continue to honor loyalty coupons that were given to Mardi clients at their casino for free. This is a move Mardi management has dismissed as an unfair means of ‘stealing the hearts’ of their loyal customers.

While responding to Gulfstream’s move to offer for free loyalty coupons that were given to loyal clients by his facility, Mardi Gras Casino president dismissed the move by terming it unfortunate. “It is truly pathetic and very bad that at this pointy in time, someone can see you going through challenges and take a bold move to take advantage. It doesn’t auger well when someone from the community who feels like it’s the right time to take up the opportunity rather than help in more genuine and practical ways. It is their nature and so I’m OK with me,” Dan Adkins said.

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Mardi Gras Casino Points Fingers At Gulfstream Casino?
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Mardi Gras Casino Points Fingers At Gulfstream Casino?
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